Airbit Club Singapore 2019

The Events Artery / Airbit Club


In five short years, cryptocurrency traders Airbit Club (South America) had amassed 8,000 members. It became critical for them to address organisational alignment with their growing member-base and they decided to solve this by unlocking the power of live events.

With major expansion interest in Asia, Airbit strategically chose Singapore as the host destination of their event and appointed The Events Artery as turnkey event agency in March 2019. Over the next 11 weeks, they became the nexus for hundreds of specialists working under their Production, Operation and Logistics teams to produce a dynamic business event – Airbit Club Singapore 2019. Three days at Singapore Expo that would become the most memorable event for 7,000 Airbit delegates.

The Event Artery’s strategy was to create a mega-experiential playground to bring Airbit to life and achieve its three communication goals for the event – to introduce and launch new cryptocurrency products, connect the founders of Airbit to their members and recognise the achievements of high-performing members in front of their peers.

Across four Exhibition Zones, they brought the brand to life through multi-sensory experiences, activities and built spaces. The curated programme and content ensured members could devise their own learning journeys, and the agency worked with hundreds of talents to conceptualise and choreograph multimedia performances, sequences and energisers – all communicating the brand’s key messages.

On the massive stage, they wowed the Airbit family with three days of non-stop programming while achieving the client’s communication goals. The Event Artery unveiled new products and connected the Airbit founders to their members with immersive storytelling presentations. They also helped laud the achievers of the organisation at a lavish ceremony and celebrated all members with a surprise concert by International reggaeton superstar – Pitbull.

Airbit Club Singapore 2019 achieved record attendance numbers and delegate retention rates, making this the organisation’s most successful event to date.

“This is an incredible event with amazing content. The exhibition area design is truly fresh and different with clearly delineated zones. The members of the club were fully engaged.”

“An impactful, energetic event powered by an apparently huge budget in testimony to the power of the cryptocurrency craze, and what easy money can achieve. The agency has done well in articulating the aims of the clients in showing exactly this.”

“Event was technically aligned with the client's objectives and also had good product display and immersion. The brand messaging was strong.”

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