A lot has changed since cievents’ inception in 1986 but one thing remains the same. Whether they’re anticipating technological revolutions or rapidly responding to a global pandemic, cievents will always champion the customer’s cause and create inspiring audience experiences.

2019 saw some incredible moments. They produced scores of events for over 400 clients around the world and are rightly proud of what they have accomplished.

2019 definitely presented challenges - to them, their clients and the industry as a whole. In addition to internal programs and process improvement projects, on top of what they can call their ‘day job’ of creating award-winning meetings and events, they have also created an industry-facing content campaign - Business as (un)usual or BAUU. This was a rapid-response to the effects of COVID-19 on the meetings and events industry. The campaign’s purpose is to leverage the needs, wants and concerns of the industry. BAUU is a movement focused on returning to a healthier, wiser and stronger events industry post-COVID.

In 2019 they launched a new look onboarding and L&D platform - ciacademy - and positive improvement is reflected encouragingly via employee Net Promoter Scores. New technology platforms like Wrike and Procim are delivering process improvements with benefits flowing directly to the customer experience. And they officially kicked-off their global partnership with SolarBuddy in 2019 and with it a company-wide commitment to ending energy poverty in neighbouring Vanuatu. 

As they move into the second half of FY20, cievents are confident in their vision for the company and the decisions made to ensure ongoing success. They are clearly proud of their heritage and have been humbled by their people’s resilience. cievents are energised by what the future holds - delivering experiences that create memories.


“This agency has extremely impressive client and employee retention numbers which speaks volumes. They are constantly evolving in strategy and positioning as an agency and have an impressive technology stack for both internal processes and client and event solutions.”

“A worthy submission for a firm that thinks beyond mere money-making”

“A base commitment to its people and of building an internal culture as well as supporting diverse needs within the ongoing success of the business is evident.”

“Our industry is increasingly becoming challenging to serve, and it is impressive that cievents is hitting 90% on customer retention whilst delivering a record growth year with 20 YOY growth, which is a big achievement for a large agency. I am convinced that it was a huge year with lots of stories.”


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