Hike For Light - Vanuatu and Cambodia



At cievents we strongly believe that the company that stands for something, truly is something. Companies with purpose motivate employees more easily, satisfy customers and also have higher business success.
This is why we have committed to a partnership with Solarbuddy to eliminate energy poverty in Vanuatu. We have turned this commitment into action - the creation of the Hike for Light (H4L) program. 
Hike for Light is about team-building with real purpose. It’s a unique 2-day executive retreat that will provide your team with the opportunity to learn about energy poverty, raise funds for solar lights and then distribute them to children to better their education and create a brighter future. This experience will have a long-lasting impact that will stay with your employees long after they have returned home. 
The two trips in 2019 - to Vanuatu and Cambodia - served many purposes in addition to its primary goal of team-building.
 * Delivered 1100 solar lights to children living in energy poverty
 * Raised $14k for Solarbuddy lights
 * Provided proof of concept for the Hike For Light product
 * Collateral such as testimonials, images and video were integrated into the Hike For Light brand guidelines and communications campaign

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