Hike For Light - Vanuatu and Cambodia



Our insight for the HIKE FOR LIGHT (H4L) concept was a simple one - the best way to build a strong team is for the people in that team to feel like they are making a positive impact on the world. In conjunction with SolarBuddy and On Track Expeditions, we conceived and implemented H4L in 2019 over two locations. A third expedition was due to depart in April 2020. As a team-building event product, it is totally unique and exclusive to cievents.

The main objective was for all employees at cievents to get behind the cause of energy poverty, familiarise themselves with the solution and where possible, open up dialogue with our clients about how they too could get involved. In this, the first two expeditions and on-going comms around the cause have been very successful.

SolarBuddy furnished us with detailed research into the issue of energy poverty - one of the biggest problems you’ve never heard of. It is a global issue that affects one in four people on the planet today and is responsible for more deaths each year than Malaria & HIV combined. In just four years SolarBuddy has already positively impacted the lives of over 500,000 people and has created over 20million study hours.

SolarBuddy has also been named as the only global charity of cievents and parent company FCTG. cievents has committed to taking the islands of Vanuatu out of energy poverty by raising enough awareness and funds to contribute 10,000-12,000 solar lights to children and families in need. The Vanuatu trip was for senior leaders within cievents to trial the concept with a full-immersion experience. Due to the success of the Vanuatu H4L it was decided that the trip to Cambodia would involve staff from all levels of the organisation.

From the required fundraising exercise in the lead-up to the trip to the immersion in completely foreign environments, attendees explored and came to understand energy poverty firsthand. Importantly, they also realised their own responsibility to each other and the world.

“Great to combine team-building with a charitable objective. I love the fact that they have researched and found an under-the-radar charity to support and they have put a spotlight on the cause. Great internal and external social media campaign to evangelise and socialise the project. Loved it!”

“A well-designed and impactful CSR project. The impact on the participants and also recipients is high and the comms integration is impactful.”

“Programmes such as 'Hike for Light' are team building projects that have great longevity, as I have seen co-workers come back with stronger bonds completing something almost as meaningful.”


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