Optus Pacesetters 2019 - Bali

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In 2019 the Optus Pacesetter delegates travelled to Bali as part of a local community initiative to redevelop and transform a local special needs school in Jimbaran called SLB following severe earthquake damage.

The Optus Pacesetters teamed up with staff from a local company called Taman Bhagawan and some celebrity influencers to deliver on the much-needed renovation of the school infrastructure - completing tasks such as concreting, painting, plastering, purpose-built cabinetry, garden and outdoor area redevelopment etc. The main purpose of the program was to give back to the community and make a difference to the lives of the special needs students.

The school caters to 320 students and works to educate the students not only with education but also with the day-to-day life skills required to live a life without restrictions and minimise the social impact and prejudices against special needs children in Indonesia. These skills include wood work, ceramic work, painting, traditional batik, fashion and computer literacy.

Given the economic position of the community SLB (the special needs school) was unable to self-fund the entire redevelopment of the school and as such Optus pacesetters volunteered time, resources and financial assistance to create an environment the local community and the students could be proud of. The objective was to create a place where special needs children could thrive and develop in a safe and comfortable environment - a place that promoted positivity. Optus Pacesetters was able to work to deliver on the objective through collaboration, teamwork and a genuine desire to make a difference in the world – and they did!

“This is strong and really commendable in terms of the transformation of the school and what Optus is doing with their CSR programme. Congratulations.”

“Fantastic programme which not only served long-term goals to improve the buildings and facilities and repair the earthquake damage, it was also great to see interesting content for the students. The programme looked very well organised, great management and I am sure the Optus team were proud of the project and it brought some great teamwork and camaraderie for the CSR team.”

“Testimony to the ingenuity of events firms to undertake complex projects with aplomb and meet objectives. This programme rates highly for the long-term impact and the win (school), win (client), win (agency), that seems apparent through this submission.”

“A collaborative and powerful impact in a community in need of help. The programme development and planning, along with logistics and output was very well executed.”

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