Santen VISION Summit 2020

AONIA Strategic Events / Santen Pharmaceutical Asia Pte. Ltd.


The Santen VISION Summit 2020 was held in Bangkok, Thailand, January 10-11, 2020 with the theme “Tomorrow’s Ophthalmology, Today”. Key event aims were to extend Santen’s presence in Asia as an industry leader and to deliver cutting-edge ophthalmological innovations, treatments, surgical techniques and technologies to eyecare professionals based on nearly 130 years of history in protecting and preserving vision.
To support these objectives, endorsement for the Summit was granted from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand, with hospitality support provided by the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB). 
Designed to maximize interaction and collaboration, the Summit focussed on three clinical areas critical to building a modern ophthalmic practice: ocular infection, dry eye treatment, and glaucoma. Regional and international experts were invited to deliver the latest research while working with delegates to integrate tomorrow’s innovations into today’s practice. 
Over 200 ophthalmologists from across Asia participated in the Summit, which included networking opportunities, a comprehensive R&D update, and plenary sessions with interactive breakouts dedicated to each of the focus clinical areas. 
The event witnessed the launch of a Santen App that would allow better engagement with and delivery of targeted and contemporary information to Santen’s customers; guests were also regaled by a specially choreographed performance that helped bring Santen’ s Vison and Mission to life. 
The event met Santen’s objectives in brand and relationship-building and attendees’ objectives of acquiring key pearls and concrete plans to update their practices. High-quality content relevant to attendees’ clinical practices delivered with strong attention to hospitality helped achieve highly-positive attendee responses in a post-Summit survey: Over 90% noted their overall experience was Good/Excellent, with 66% noting it was excellent (Of those polled, 66% had at least 10 years of professional experience, ie, had a high likelihood of having attended similar events).

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