Hint and Tips

PLAN AHEAD – Draft an outline of what you want to get across before you start writing.

CREATE A STORY – Judges like a clear narrative. Think about the 5 W’s – Who, What, Why, Where and When.

ANSWER THE QUESTIONS – This may sound simple enough, but the judges will be looking for all of the questions to be answered clearly. The judging panel may not necessarily know everything about your company, so give some background.

USE RESULTS – In some of the categories the judges will look for evidence of commercial success and innovation. This can be demonstrated in a number of ways but simple facts and figures often tell the story best. It always helps to explain the basis of a successful POI for a campaign, project or business success story.

THINK LIKE A JUDGE – The judges will be reading lots of entries – Make it an easy read and don’t over format.

SUPPORTING MATERIAL – Make sure that your support material is relevant to your entry. It’s very easy to upload EVERYTHING. Avoid doing this and only use evidence that backs-up your written submission.

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