Daniel Chua (CMP, CEM, CEG)



Daniel CHUA is Founding Chief Executive of AONIA, an experiential communications agency that has supported clients including Fortune 500 firms and government agencies to engage, energise and empower stakeholders worldwide through impactful and transformative experiences since 2002. Daniel's passion in creating event experiences that motivate and inspire has allowed him to travel the world as a Planner, Producer, Speaker, Educator and Judge. Fervent about Industry professional development, he designed and delivers the Professional Events Management Course (PEvM) for Singapore's business events association SACEOS, and is the first trainer to deliver a virtual course to support continuous education efforts despite the COVID-19. An avid family-cook and home-gardener, he is happy sharing helpful analogies related to these interests and his work during his courses. Daniel believes it cannot be business as usual after the COVID-19 threat subsides, and seeks to work with like-minded individuals for a more sustainable, pandemic-resilient industry that will continue to motivate and inspire.

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